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German Premiere of Jesper Koch

Monika Henschel

DSC_8069 - Kopie.JPG
The_composer_and_his_shadowDSC_8045 - Kopie.JPG

Photographs: Walter Lehmann

After the Premiere for the Danish Radio, the Henschel Quartet plays the German premiere of the new string quartet by Jesper Koch "Schöne Welt - wo bist du?" on 28.04.2018 in the dokumenta hall at the music festival in Kassel.

The Henschel Quartets long-term support for Children

Monika Henschel



As every year the donations of the Henschel Quartets charity concert go to SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.. The Quartet members are ambassadors for the Charity and it is a pleasure to share with you some pictures of their Charity Concert in Munich. The Henschel Quartet performing with: Tölzer Knabenchor, Peter Wöpke, Gertrud Schilde, Katharina Schmitz, Soyong Kim and Jonathan Hagos.

The prestigious Orlando Prize for music 2015 has been awarded to the Henschel Quartet

Jonas Becker


“The Henschel Quartet is being awarded the Orlando prize for music 2015 for one of the highest artistic reaches in the overall musical history of the Dubrovnik Festival”
- Jury announcement

The prestigious Orlando Prize for music 2015 has been awarded to the Henschel Quartet. The awarding ceremony takes place in Zagreb, Croatia in February 2016. The Award is being offered by the Croatian TV to honor each year’s best achievements at Dubrovnik Festival in the categories of drama and music.

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Blog by The Henschel Quartet at The Strad: 10 ways to achieve long-term success with your string quartet

Jonas Becker

The Henschel Quartet from Germany celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Here the group gives tips on achieving longevity in a chamber career

To achieve longevity, small chamber music ensembles need to concentrate not only on an ensemble body of sound but also on developing an ensemble spirit. In addition to musical and technical mastery,  and quite apart from paying attention to what the external charisma requires – unique sales point (usp), creative programmes, use of strong marketing tools, networking, partners and agents – there is that very important internal charisma which the ensemble members need to nurture and protect. An ensemble with great inner strength will go on, even when times are hard. However, when the internal cosmos is disturbed, even great success as an ensemble will not guarantee longevity.

1. The key issue is joy. We all enjoy performing great music, of course. Just as importantly, however, every ensemble member needs to also enjoy each other’s company and value each other’s skills. Respecting each other’s personalities, and welcoming difference as an engine of development, creates the best atmosphere. If every member maintains their focus on the joy of making music together as an important priority and pleasure in their life, setbacks will hurt less.

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